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Brand: Borderlands
Official Borderlands 3 merchandise.Fully immerse yourself in the game with this collectable rose scented candle!Comes with a metal lid to seal in the freshness.Handmade in the UK.Create the perfect game playing environment with your very own official Borderlands 3 candle! With over 40 hours of burni..
Constructed by Aegon Targaryen following his conquest of Westeros, the Iron Throne is a much-desired seat of power. Now, you can prepare for the coming of winter with this distinctive glass votive candling featuring an Iron Throne - a must-have decoration for any Game of Thrones fan!Description sour..
Brand: Harry Potter
Grab the Golden Snitch! This official Harry Potter scented candle gives off the adventurous aroma of a freshly cut Quidditch pitch when lit, letting you feel like part of the action. An incredibly unique gift for Harry Potter fans, this is perfect for smellin’ or displayin’!Official Harry Potter pro..
Brand: Overwatch
Light up your home or office with this uniquely crafted collectible homage to Blizzard’s hit online multiplayer game, Overwatch!This deluxe pillar candle features a handcrafted sculpt of the iconic Overwatch insignia - a perfect gift for fans and home décor enthusiasts.Size: approx. 10x15cm (4x6")De..
Brand: Tomb Raider
Light up your life, with this officially licensed Shadow of the Tomb Raider glass candle!Decorated with key artwork from the action-packed game, this high quality glass candle makes for an incredible gift, with its unique light-up eclipse effect.Grab one (or two) before they’re gone!..
Brand: Wonder Woman
Light up your home or office with this uniquely crafted Wonder Woman™ homage collectible.This long-lasting 10x15cm (4x6") pillar candle features a sculpted, hand-painted emblem of Wonder Woman’s logo - a perfect gift for any fan!Description sourced from the product manufacturer; Insight Luminaries...
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