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The 90’s Favourite Virtual Pet is back with a new collaboration!

Raise your Tamagotchi character well and you might receive one of the surprise characters! That means making sure your Tamagotchi is well fed. Feed your Tamagotchi Hello Kitty's favourites, apple pie for a meal and milk as a snack!

Joey the mouse will make a mess of your Tamagotchi living space, leaving dirty paw prints everywhere! Don't leave the space dirty, or your Tamagotchi may get sick. Just call Hello Kitty by pressing the A button to help clean the space!

Hello Kitty Tamagotchi has two new mini-games to explore!

Unleash your inner musician with the exclusive Piano game. Match the keys to the falling hearts on screen to play a tune. But be careful not to miss too many hearts!

Lend a helping hand to Hello Kitty in the Balloon game. Help collect Balloons while avoiding crows overhead. Each time you hit a crow, Hello Kitty will lose a balloon! Clear the game with two balloons and you'll fill two Happy hearts!

Nurture your Tamagotchi with Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty is helping to raise and nurture your Tamagotchi character!

Raise your Tamagotchi from a delicate egg to a little baby, you've only got 24 hours so make them count!

Remember, how you take care of your baby Tamagotchi will determine which of the 7 adults you will get!

Dress your adult Tamagotchi up in Hello Kitty's iconic bow!

Remember, if you don't look after your Tamagotchi they may sulk and turn away from the screen.

But don't worry! Pressing the A button will cheer them right up!