Underworld: The Eternal War [Used]

Underworld: The Eternal War [Used]

Underworld: The Eternal War [Used]

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Imagine a war that is centuries old between two immortal races to determine who will rule the night. Masses of vampires are slipping out of the shadows, bristling with modern weaponry and powers. Crawling from beneath the streets, the Werewolves are enraged, itching to tear apart their eternal enemies. You sit in the middle of this. Your actions alone determine whether your side suffers a crushing defeat or stands on the corpses of your enemies. Whether you take the role of the leather clad, Vampire Death Dealer, Selene or the ruthless werewolf, Raze, the action takes place on a dynamic battlefield where anything can happen - nothing is ever static - if you don't keep on top of the action you won't survive. The good news is you aren't alone. You have an army of immortal soldiers who've got your back. The time to fight is now, your guns are loaded, your fangs and claws sharp - it's time to end this eternal war. Recreating all the action from this year's blockbusting movie; Underworld asks one simple question of you: ... who's side will you choose?
Game Information
Game Name Underworld: The Eternal War
Platform PlayStation 2
Barcode 5060057021255
Publisher Play It!
Genre Action-Adventure
Rating 12+
Release Year 2004

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