The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker

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As Captain Ashley SNowak, “the Riftbreaker,” you enter a one-way portal to Galatea 37, a distant planet at the far reaches of the Milky Way.

Your purpose is to build and develop a base that will allow travel to and from Earth for further colonisation.

Ashley’s Mecha-Suit, which she calls “MrRiggs,” can withstand the harshest environmental conditions and has a full range of equipment for base construction, resource extraction, specimen gathering, and of course – combat.

It is also capable of traveling through rifts that connect space across vast distances.

Key Features:BASE BUILDING – Your task is to construct a two-way rift connected to EarthThis will be a very complex undertaking requiring enormous amounts of energySimple solar collectors and a few tons of steel will not be enoughYou will need to build up an intricate chain of mines, refineries, power plants, and research facilities to complete this mission.

EXPLORATION – Galatea 37 is an unknown planet in the Sycorax belt of the Milky Way galaxyRemote surveys have detected that it is inhabitable and perfect for colonisationThe planet is full of rare minerals and substances that can be found scattered across the globeVarious biomes will surprise you with unknown fauna and flora, as well as harsh weather conditionsConstruct local outposts in resource-rich locations to transport the required resources using rift technology.

DEFENCE – Your presence on this planet will not go unnoticed! As you build up your industry and disrupt the natural order, the planet will start to see you as a threatBuild up your defencesConstruct walls, barriers, and defence towers as the attacks get stronger with every passing dayYou will face thousands of hostile creatures trying to eliminate your presence.

HACK, SLASH, SHOOT – MrRiggs can be equipped with powerful weapons and abilities that will allow you to take on the largest of beastsYou will need to be ready to face lots of hostile alien creatures as you explore the planet.

GATHER SAMPLES AND STRANGE ARTIFACTS – Felled beasts will drop valuable research specimens as well as rare resourcesUse everything you can gather to research and craft new technologies, buildings, weapons, and equipmentYou can also scout the terrain using your sensors and dig for treasure buried underground.

RESEARCH – Use your gathered samples to research new technologies that will help you build up your base, improve your defences, develop new blueprints for your Mecha-Suit, or improve existing technologies.

CRAFT – MrRiggs is fully customizable and upgradeableUse the blueprints that you’ve researched to craft new parts and weaponsUtilising better materials in the crafting process will result in gear with improved propertiesEach crafted item has unique properties.

Game Information
Game Name The Riftbreaker
Platform PlayStation 5
Barcode 5016488137973
Publisher Maximum Games
Genre Strategy, Survival, Action-RPG
Rating 16+
Release Year 2021

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